Hillary For 2020 And Beyond

Hillary Clinton was the best choice in 2016 and still is now. Let's correct the injustice suffered by America's real president: https://www.change.org/p/great-betrayal-black-millenials-american-patriots-make-ms-clinton-president-in-2020.

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John Lewis For Congress Or President

John Lewis is an ambassador of love and peace, the true anti-Trump. He has shed blood for a progressive America, and I fully support him to continue to represent Georgia's 5th congressional district, and I would strongly back him for president if Hillary Clinton will not run again. I hope to one day have the honor of sitting down with Mr. Lewis. He is a living Human Rights icon. You can donate to his congressional campaign by going to the following URL: https://www.johnlewisforcongress.com/donate.

#Hillaryfor2020 #DonaldTrumpIsNotMyPresident #ShesMyPresident  #ImpeachTrumpAndPence  #StrongerTogether #johnlewis

David Richardson For Congress

David is one of my favorite  Democrats. He is just what Florida needs at this moment. David is running for Florida's 27th congressional district.  His campaign recently sent me the following message: "Ruldolph – in a moment, I'm going to ask you to donate to my campaign to flip Florida's 27th Congressional District and take back the House. But before I do, let me explain why my race is so important.

I am running for Congress as a progressive because I believe we have a moral and financial responsibility to pass Medicare for All. We need to finally stand up to the NRA, ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, require universal background checks, and stop the gun violence epidemic in this country. And we need to impeach Donald Trump once and for all.

But the truth is the only way we'll accomplish any of these things is if Democrats take back the House this year. And my race here in Florida's 27th Congressional district is Democrats' best chance in the entire country to flip a seat – Trump lost it by almost 20 points!

This is where you come in. I'm proud my campaign is being funded by online grassroots donors like you (already over 22,000 of them!), and not by billionaires or corporate PACs. But that also means I rely on you to hit our fundraising goals. Our next deadline is in just a few days, and we're not on track to hit our goal.

But the only way we'll hit this goal, flip this seat, and take back the House for Democrats is if grassroots donors like you give right now .

I'm counting on you, Ruldolph. Please, can you give $5 or more right now – whatever you can afford before our deadline – to help me flip this seat and take back the House?"

Donations can be made at the following URL:  https://davidforflorida.com/ .

The fact that so many of you are on this journey with me means so much.

Thank you for your support,

David Richardson

Candidate for Congress, FL-27

#Hillaryfor2020 #DonaldTrumpIsNotMyPresident #ShesMyPresident  #ImpeachTrumpAndPence  #StrongerTogether #johnlewis #davidrichardson