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Boxing, Philly Shell Defense, Philly Shell Boxing, Self-Defense, Boxing Coach, Personal Training

Hi, I'm Jillian Murphy!

Ruldolph Pongnon is the Head Trainer and CEO of Rising Storm Boxing and General Fitness Inc., formerly a residential based gym, reference the photo Above. Rising Storm Boxing and General Fitness Inc. is a “For Benefit” S Corporation. Our mission is to make personal training affordable to the communities we intend to serve, and to provide a franchise standard for training athletes and clients. We encourage our participants to excel academically, to be politically active, to embrace personal responsibility and to be positive contributors to their community. Our intention is to make fitness a fun and life time commitment, and to use sport as a metaphor for life to develop discipline, character and self-esteem.

Boxing, Philly Shell Defense, Philly Shell Boxing, Self-Defense, Boxing Coach, Personal Training

Amatuer Boxing Is A Relatively Safe Sport

We have entered into a joint venture with Daro's Extreme Fitness which allows us to provide a wider range of services to our patrons'. Contrary to popular belief, amateur boxing has proven to be a relatively safe sport, according to a 1998 study conducted by the National Safety Council, amateur boxing ranked safer than wrestling, football, baseball, soccer, and even bowling, reference the following link: http://academy.boundboxing.com/amateur-boxing-is-safe/.

We intend to host USA boxing sanctioned shows and annual events for our patrons. We want to foster a family atmosphere where everyone feels welcome regardless of race, nationality, creed, gender, gender identity, sexuality, etc….

Boxing, Philly Shell Defense, Philly Shell Boxing, Self-Defense, Boxing Coach, Personal Training

More Details

Along with a ring, there are a wide range of fitness machines available, Daro's Extreme Fitness features three punching bags and playground style Monkey and Olympic Bars, ideal for building strength utilizing body weight.

Our Head Trainer/Boxing Coach specializes in Philly Shell Style  and also teaches self-defense for street application. We intend to, eventually, branch into general fitness as well.

Our club will incorporate aspects of a boxing and general fitness gym which is already available through our joint venture with Daro's Extrem Fitness; check out their Facebook Page for more details, https://www.facebook.com/pages/Daros-Extreme-Fitness-ll/116232635105504. We want to have a van that will pick up minors who live within a local radius of our location; in addition, we would like to incorporate a learning center with computers, printers, etc… that will allow our youth to focus on their studies/homework during their down time. 

Our members are encouraged to be involved in community outreach to help enhance and invigorate neighboring areas. We will endeavor to form a joint venture with CUNY. Athletes who have won at least two bouts and reach the finals of a major tournament will receive a scholarship provided by the City University of New York.

See our Head Trainer's reviews by going to the following link: https://www.thumbtack.com/ny/bronx/personal-trainers/fitness-training-rising-storm-fitness.

You can also connect with Ruldolph Pongnon on Twitter, https://twitter.com/TheRisingStorm1 and like our Facebook page to help get the word out, https://www.facebook.com/pages/Rising-Storm-Boxing-General-Fitness/614807048555318. To see more pictures of Daro's facility and related Youtube videos, feel free to check out our Eventbrite Page, https://www.eventbrite.com/e/rising-storm-boxing-general-fitness-inc-tickets-9103485771, thanks.

Boxing, Philly Shell Defense, Philly Shell Boxing, Self-Defense, Boxing Coach, Personal Training

Important Note

We have a related GoFundMe account. We need to raise money for a ring, travel expenses, registration with USA Boxing, new equipment and other business necessities. You can contribute to our campaign by going to the following URL, https://www.gofundme.com/92fu9t-road-to-the-championship. To get more details about our pricing, go to our "History And Mission Statement Page."