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NY Senator Kirsten Gillibrand

New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand held the distinction, for some time, of voting against all of Trump's appointees’ and has reject most to date, 1. In November of 2017 Kirsten, in spite of her allies in the Clinton camp including Bill and Hillary, stated that Bill Clinton should have resigned after admitting to his affair with Monica Lewinsky. Albeit, she qualified the statement by noting that sexual harassment was not viewed with the same level of stigma that it is today, 2. She is a credit to New York and a person who has demonstrated that she is willing to stick to her values no matter the cost. I am proud to endorse her, and I fully support her senate re-election bid. She is not accepting Corporate PAC Money. I hope that you will help ensure her success. You can donate to Ms. Gillibrand’s campaign by going to the following URL:, thanks.

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