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The first session is free where you will learn the art of Philly Shell Boxing and street application self-defense techniques from our Head Trainer/Boxing Coach, Ruldolph Pongnon. Based on your impression, you can decide whether to officially join. 

The monthly membership at Daro's is $40, if you join the boxing team, you get a 25% discount and pay $30. The minimum market value for boxing training is $50 a week, we charge $30 a week. Most boxing gyms are closed by 7 to 9pm; we are open as early as 6am and close at midnight Monday to Friday. Saturday Daro's closes at 6pm and Sunday at 4pm. Boxing gyms are generally closed during the weekend, especially Sunday. So what are you waiting for? Make an appointment or contact us by phone 718 304 3012, or by email at [email protected]