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Getting in shape is a journey not a race. When you work out, you're putting stress on your immune system, tearing muscle fibers and risking injury thus "whipping yourself into shape."  If you punish yourself more than your body is prepared to recover, you will fail. 

Website Launched  Wednesday March 7, 2018: Some Of What Clients' Have Said And A Message From The Head Trainer

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Boxing is my passion. In fact, if it wasn’t for boxing, I don’t know where I would be right now. Thanks to Coach Rudy and all of the great teammates who have been with us and remained, I find myself with many new possibilities. I enjoy working with my team and our amazing coach, Ruldolph Pongnon.

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Justin Duncan


Rudy has been my coach for 2 years. It doesn't get better than this. If you're serious about boxing or just want to get in shape, contact him and head to the gym, stop wasting time!!!. To see more reviews, go to the following URL:

Boxing, Philly Shell Defense, Philly Shell Boxing, Self-Defense, Boxing Coach, Personal Training

Allan Serpa


I was the Chief Second in 15 bouts in my first year and a half as a coach. None of my athletes' have been knocked out, pummeled to the point that they had to quit or cut in a fight. It would be hard to find a trainer who coached 5 bouts and neither of those scenarios occured. 

My trainer was a professional fighter. Although I did not have the opportunity to compete at the pro level (I am pursuing the possibility; please read this petition on I competed in the Golden Gloves, 3 times, the New York City Metro's and various amatuer shows.

My clients' and athletes' are like family to me and there are people that I want to acknowledge. My ex-trainer Edwin Martinez, if I hadn't met him, I probably would have quit boxing. He opened my eyes to various possibilities in terms of athletic innovation, and his encouragement to research sports science was indispensable in my evolution as a coach and trainer. 

Danny Mejia, he trusted me with his career and displayed boundless courage and faith. He did not have a stellar record; I accept the blame. He pushed me more than anyone else to become a better coach and athlete. 

A coach/trainer grows by evaluating the impact of their methods on his/her athletes' or clients' performance, and many have contributed. I can not think of any other athlete under my tutelage who deserves to succeed more than Joel Whyte. His presence and support over the years, my appreciation, cannot be quantified in words. I am grateful for every athlete or client who put faith in my ability to guide them to excel at pugilism or any other fitness goal. 

I specialize in Philly Shell Boxing, I am a defensive oriented coach. I also teach techniques that can be used in street situations. 

There are certain professions that require a specific disposition, among those qualities are love of people, wisdom and social intelligence parenting, teaching and being a coach are enhanced by such traits. I am confident 2018 will be our best year yet, and I am excited to ensure every member of our team is able to achieve their goals, thank you for taking the time to read this and God bless. 

Boxing, Philly Shell Defense, Philly Shell Boxing, Self-Defense, Boxing Coach, Personal Training

Ruldolph Pongnon

CEO & Head Trainer